manon l.

manon l.

Rovaniemi26 vuotta2 vuoden kokemus5-25 € päiväksi

Hello there ! I'm Manon, a dedicated and experienced petsitter with a deep love for animals.
I understand how important your furry friends are to you, and I'm here to provide them care and attention in your absence :)

Why me ?

1) With 2 years of experience in petsitting, I have perfected my skills to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners
2) I'm idealy located near from Rovaniemi's city center, for easy drop-off and pick-up
3) I can welcome your pets in my house, they'll have ample room to play and an enclosed backyard access
4) I'll send you daily photo and video to stay connected with your pet

Contact me and your beloved pets will be in caring hands ! ;)

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: 5-25 € päiväksi

Experience: 2 vuotta

Pet sitting


  1. Dogs (1)

  2. Cats

  3. Birds

  4. Rodents

  5. Reptiles


Dog's size

  1. Small, up to 10 kg

  2. Medium, 10-20 kg

  3. Large, 20-40 kg

  4. Very large, above 40 kg



Languages: English, French